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Established Indigenous providers of efficient solutions to the flight instrumentation and Telemetry needs of all types of Air vehicles.

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Airborne Telemetry Solutions

Latest Airborne Telemetry Technology based instrumentation System chains for acquiring Sensor data, Video, Audio and other Airborne buses such as MIL 1553, ARINC 429, etc., with integrated and standalone RF Transmitters/Power Amplifiers of current generation.

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Control Systems

Control Systems that are future proof for Military Tanks and Aero Engines, Aero Generators & Aerial Laser Guidance.

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Time Reference Systems

Precision Timing Solutions based on GNSS of the world for Mission Critical applications and Tactical Communications Networks.

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Industrial Automation & Turnkey Solutions

Meeting the emerging needs of Industrial Process Automation through processor based systems and factory automation software and other turnkey solutions for infrastructure support for data acquisition and control.

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Areas of Expertise

Data Acquisition

End to end data monitoring, acquisition, recording and control, for Airbrone, Lab applications for Airborne, Mobile using Telemetry that includes Flight Instrumentation Systems, Telemetry RF Transmitters, RF front end and the entire base band system.

Time Reference

MIL ruggedized Timing Systems for GPS/Glonass based time requirements for airborne and ground applications that include reference systems, time code generators, video time inserters, time code readers, etc.

Controls Systems

Control Guidance Electronics for any flight vehicle, Control Systems for Aero Engines, Aero Generators of any type and class, Control of Battle Tank Turret, Antenna Control, etc.

Systems Integration

Installation, integration and commissioning of Infrastructure Projects where products from third party vendors also are seamlessly integrated with product gaps, both in Hardware and Software, effortlessly filled in.

Verticals of Business

Company Overview


A pioneer in extending customized solutions and supply of products for the Indian Defence, Aerospace, Space and other Industrial applications. Park Controls & Communications (P) Ltd., PCC for short is well known within the Indian Defence and Aerospace sector.  The company has been known for innovative solutions that are particularly focussed on providing import alternatives to the Indian Defence and Aerospace sector. PCC, in their quest, for being a pioneer for providing solutions in the cutting edge of technology for the Indian Defence & Aerospace sector have brought to fruition quite a few products that are now being considered for use outside India.

Design Process


Completely process driven with activities well defined and Processes Measurement probes in each process. Availability of Measurement parameters to project teams in real-time. Continuous improvements based on metric data and innovative ideas from and within PCC. Enhancement of quality assurance levels through elaborate internal quality audits. The design process is supported by latest design and test tools that make quick realization of functional models possible. Also the products are evolved in constant interaction with the customer thereby making it most appropriate for the given application.

Quality Assurance


PCC emphasizes on upholding highest traditions in maintaining quality in the products and services extended by the company. The quality aspects are constantly monitored through the AS9100 processes for strict adherence to the timelines, quality and meeting with the precise needs of the customers. The quality system at PCC works with involvement of QA and testing teams at all levels of development – right from system study to delivery of the product. Building a quality product requires testing throughout the product’s life-cycle: from requirements review to test case review, from component testing to sustained engineering, from functional testing to compliance testing, and from test strategy to test automation.

PCC Advantage

Flight Instrumentation Systems

Field Programmable, Airworthy, light weight, compact, customized for specific needs.

Telemetry RF Transmitters

Current generation, supports both Data & Video, SOQPSK modulation. Lightweight & compact.

Time Reference Systems

Supports both GPS and Glonass, MIL Ruggedized, very accurate, customized for specific applications.

Control Systems

Design & development of any electronic control system for airborne and Military applications.

Common USP

All our products are MIL Ruggedized, wherever applicable. Our powerful universal data acquisition, processing, and control software is Class II and IRIG-106 Chapter 10 recording compliant.

Constant Innovation

Constantly evolving newer products that are future proof in the Data Acquisition, Timing and Control applications space.

Our Clients



PCC extends customized products & services to the Defence & Aerospace clients within and outside India & is  known for their customized solutions for their clients and their applications.




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