Flight Trials

Flight Trials are carried out to find and fix design problems, if any, and to verify and document the air vehicles capabilities for necessary certification for regular use.  PCC’s solutions revolve around the three phases of flight trials namely preparation, execution and analysis & reporting.  PCC’s proven solutions are pertinent to both defence and commercial flight trials. The comprehensive flight trial solution from PCC covers any number of Test points without limitations.

It is of critical importance to integrate an equally power RF Telemetry Transmission chain that takes in the encoded data into a light weight RF Transmitter, the output of which is split using a matching Power divider. This output is connected to an equally efficient Power Amplifier which in turn is connected to the antennae supplied, and integrated for efficient transmission of Telemetry streams from the air.

Airborne Telemetry Transmission

Airborne Recorders

Solid State Airborne Recorders are mission critical for providing quick and easy access to raw flight data that include video, audio and other data forms as desired by the users that could be milked out using USB or user of flash memory cards are important sub systems of any air vehicle. The data milked out from the Solid State Airborne Recorders is used for improving operational efficiency, flight safety, etc.

Air vehicles are an integration of multiple sub systems of different nature pertaining to engine, power generation, guidance, etc.  These LRUs are supported by Airborne Control Systems that improve the efficiency of the sub systems to optimal levels. PCC supplies several Airborne Control Systems typically for Engine Control, Generator Control and Guidance Control with skills and expertise to take up the design, development and supply of other airborne systems for Flight Control, Actuators, etc.

Airborne System Control

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The products from PCC portfolio are all governed by AS9100 standards, MIL Standard and are Airworthy. The products are feature rich, stable and highly competitive in their pricing.