Telemetry Data Aquisition

Telemetry Data Acquisition is the technology for measuring the characteristics of a distant object that can be transmitted to any acquisition and receiving station for display, record and analysis of the data by wireless, satellite or fibre optic media. It is typically used in test flight of aircraft and other air vehicles and in hostile ground environments like Power generation plants, Liquid propulsion test centres, etc. PCC has been extending powerful Telemetry Data Acquisition Solutions for the past quarter century and takes up jobs for the establishment of world class telemetry station.  The Server/client distributed system on the network seamlessly and efficiently captures telemetry data; receiving, recording and distributing, without any loss. The RF front end of the Telemetry Data Acquisition Solutions comprises of a tracking dish antenna system that could be of any size, up to 5 mts, and supports single, dual and three axes, could either be installed on ground or a mobile platform for acquiring data from any target air vehicle such as aircraft, missile, satellite, Unmanned Air Vehicles, etc. The equally efficient RF Telemetry Receiver that supports cutting edge modulation schemes in a wide band that includes L & extended S, ensures the best data reception quality. The baseband system that decommutates and distributed the data is built around comprehensive telemetry application software which is quick and simple in its processing. The recorded data can be archived with world class storage can be accessed effortlessly for replay and post flight analysis.

Time Synchronization plays an important role in Defence, Space and other critical industrial applications, especially in a networked architecture, as the standard clock time is inherently inaccurate leading to catastrophic repercussions when required to realize the precise global time. The Inter-Range Instrumentation Group (IRIG) time code and the Network Time Protocol (NTP) are more commonly  used timing protocols.  However, in order to ensure precision in multiple nodes connected within a network Precision Time Protocol (PTP) was introduced by IEEE. PTP takes advantage of IP over Ethernet and eliminates Ethernet latency and jitter issues through hardware time stamping to cancel out a measured delay between nodes at the physical layer of the network.

Time Reference Systems

Control Systems

Controls systems for the various parts of the armoured vehicles play crucial role and PCC specializes in the supply of critical control systems for Military Tanks for the control of the Turret and other mission critical sub systems.

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The products from PCC portfolio are all governed by AS9100 standards, MIL Standard and are Airworthy. The products are feature rich, stable and highly competitive in their pricing.