Almanac Server & Time Reference System


Precision Time Reference & Almanac Server.


PARK PTRS-02 is a GNSS-based Ruggedized Precision Time Reference System that can be used as a Network Time Server. It is primarily based on the GNSS (GPS or GLONASS) signals, and internal rubidium clock. The unit maintains time synchronization even in the absence of the GNSS signals. A battery backed clock maintains time during shutdowns and helps in fast position fixes when the unit is switched on.

Product Details: PARK PTRS-02



Capability to work as a PTP Grand Master, Boundary Clock, or a Slave Clock.



Capability to synchronize direct wire /modem connected networks as well as networks connected by wireless links


Rubidium oscillator for excellent holdover stability.



Built in GNSS receiver that receives GPS and GLONASS signals.


Physical Characteristics

19” Rack-mountable, 3U height


Operating Conditions

Power Input : 230 V, 50 Hz AC (Standard.) and 28V DC (Optional)

Temperature : –20°C to +55°C operating, -30°C to +70°C Storage

Humidity : 5 to 98% RH

Internal Oscillator:

Type : High Stability Rubidium Oscillator

Frequency : 10 MHZ

Stability : < 5 x 10 / month (long term) 2 x 10 -12 -11 / 100 seconds (short term)


User Interface

20-key Keypad

LCD with support for both graphics mode (320 x 64 pixels), and

Alphanumeric mode (40 x 8 characters)

Full Datasheet: PARK PTRS-02

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