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Integrated Telemetry Processors

PARK ITP-2 Series

 Single board PCI bus plug in solutions to cater for a wide range of telemetry applications..


PARK ITP-2 Series products are single board PCI bus plug in solutions to cater for a wide range of telemetry applications. All ITP-2 Series products integrate different combinations of bit synchronizers, forward error correction units, decommutators, derandomizers, PCM simulators, digital modulators, and IRIG-B time code reader / generator, operating at a maximum bit rate of 20 Mbps. The product order information table at the end of this data sheet gives various product variants available and their features.

Product Details: PARK ITP-2 Series



IRIG 106-07 Chapter 4 Class I and Class II format support



FPGA based software reconfigurable hardware


Park parallel PCM bus interface for DAC outputs



Windows-7/Win8/Linux device drivers and APIs


Physical Characteristics

Full length PCI cards


Operating Temperature : 0 to +50° C

Storage Temperature : –30 to +75° C


Integrated Solution: Single card solution with Simulator, Bitsync & Decommutator

FEC Option: Turbo and Veterbi

Modulation: Digital modulation o/p BPSK, QPSK, DPSK, DQPSK, OQPSK, FM

Full Datasheet: Park ITP 2 Series

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