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PCC realizes that not all specializations can be mastered to provide the complex solutions that are ever increasing it their complexity from the customers at large. Therefore PCC selects technology partners who specialize in their respective fields and teams up with those organizations with proven and stable products and track record of ultimate customer satisfaction. It is also essential that the technology partner shares the same organizational culture in terms of their desire to fill in feature gaps in their products and solutions by their willingness to customize their offerings to meet the customer’s application demands. PCC is proud to state that all their partners share the common sentiment of extending products that are stable, cost effective, quality assured within timelines agreed to make these respective partnerships a win-win for all stake holders.



Sales and Support Partner for End to End Telemetry Systems and Time Synchronization Systems in Canada. 


Distributor and maintenance support partner for Korea of all Telemetry Systems, Flight Instrumentation Systems and other product offerings from PCC, India


Marketing, installation and maintenance of Switches, Routers, Taps and Time synchronization products for Aerospace, Defence, Space and Advanced industrial market in India.

OnTime Networks

Support Services partner with Rockwell Collins for installation and maintenance of Communications Systems in India

Rockwell Collins

Technology Partnership with BHE Bonn Hungary Electronics Ltd., Budapest for design, development & sales, installation and maintenance of Airborne / Ground based RF systems in India, USA and Australia

BHE Bonn Hungary

Technology Partnership with AA Systel, France for designs, sales, marketing, installation and maintenance of Parabolic Antenna Systems in India

AA Systel, France

Technology Partnership with GDP Space Systems Inc., USA a division of Delta Information Systems, USA for designs, sales, marketing, installation and maintenance of Telemetry Sub systems in India. 

GDP Space Systems