Flight Test Telemetry

PARK ITS – 100

Onboard Data Acquisition and Transmission for Defense Applications.


PARK ITS – 100 is an Integrated Telemetry Package that is ruggedized and used for onboard data acquisition and transmission for defense and aerospace applications. It includes a variety of signal conditioners to support a wide variety of transducers, direct analog inputs, discrete inputs, 1553B bus interface, programmable bit rate IRIG PCM frame formatter, encoder with pre-modulation filtering and an S-band RF transmitter in a compact integrated package. The PARK ITS – 100 Integrated Telemetry Package is specifically engineered to meet the stringent environmental, electromagnetic compatibility and performance requirements of defense and aerospace customers, for onboard data acquisition and telemetry applications. The PCM Telemetry data generated by ITS – 100 integrated Telemetry Package is compliant with IRIG – 106 – 4 specifications. Optionally, the encoded data can be encrypted and/or convolution coded for security and forward error correction.

Product Details: PARK ITS – 100


Signal Conditioners

Built in signal conditioners for ICP, thermocouple, strain gauge and RTD transducers

Low Pass Filter

Digital low pass filters with programmable cut off frequencies for all analog channels

Data Encryption

Optional AES data encryption based on user specified key


Meets environmental, temperature and EMC requirements for airborne applications


Physical Characteristics
Dimensions : 130mm(D)x140mm(H) cylinder (D does not include mounting flanges)
Weight : 3.25Kg
Operating Temperature
Storage : -50˚C to +85˚C
Operation : -40˚C to +71˚C
Power Supply
Input Voltage Range : 18VDC to 36 VDC (Nominal: 28 VDC)
Transient Input Voltage Range : Mil-STD-704
Reverse Voltage Protection : Provided
Power Consumption : 20 Watts (Typical power including all sensors)
Sensor Support
Direct analog : 38
Channels supporting ICP/IEPE sensors : 12
Channels supporting Thermo couples : 4
Channels supporting RTDs : 4
Channels supporting Bridge sensors : 6
Opto-isolated discrete inputs : 32
Mil-STD-1553B Interface (MT/RT) : 1 (Dual redundant bus)

Full Datasheet: PARK ITS – 100

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