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Laser guided Control Electronics


Control & Guidance Electronics System


PARK CGE is a Control and Guidance Electronics System (CGE) is designed for laser guided bombs, to enable the bomb to precisely seek the target. The target is illuminated with a laser beam while the bomb is dropped. With the help of a laser seeker mounted inside the bomb, the CGE guides the bomb towards the laser beam illuminating the target, compensating for the drifts caused by the initial horizontal velocity of the bomb, wind velocity and direction and other errors in the initial launching of the bomb.

Product Details: PARK CGE


Guidance Control

Performs Laser signal processing, Gimbal control and FCU communication


Actuator Control

Performs Fin control and FCU communications

Flight Control

Performs Power regulation and distribution, Mission data interface, Telemetry data link and much more.


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions :  194mmx133mmx45mm  (approximate)

Operating Temperature

  -40° C  to +71° C

Power Supply

15 Watts (Typical)

Full Datasheet: PARK CGE

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