Telemetry Application Software


Comprehensive Software Solution  For All Data Acquisition & Processing Applications.


UniDAPS is a powerful general purpose hardware independent data acquisition and processing package, running under Windows environment. UniDAPS is suitable for any data acquisition and processing application. Flexible architecture and powerful graphics features of the package make it fully independent of customer specific data sources, data formats, data rates, processing, display, and presentation requirements. The package can be configured to acquire and process data from PCM decommutators, Ethernet data streams, PC plug-in data acquisition cards, MIL1553B and ARINC429 hardware, Ser ial communicat ion por ts (RS232, RS422,RS485 etc.), video and voice data acquisition hardware or any other user provided hardware, using hardware abst ract ion layers. The package can simultaneously acquire and process data from eight independent hardware sources, which can be any mix of the above.

Product Details: PARK UniDAPS



Database administration features allow creation of user groups, security levels, maintenance of multiple configurations,



Configuration of hardware interfaces, data formats, parameter names, parameter processing requirements, display screens etc.



Hardware configuration facilities allow configuration of data acquisition front ends



Raw parameter definition is used to associate names with various unprocessed parameters (binary) in the incoming data channels



IRIG CH 4 Compliant

IRIG CH10 Compatibility

Flexibile & Scalable

Tailored to any application requirements

User designed data display.

Supports Stand-alone mode

Supports Multiple Clients in Network

Supports up to 8 acquisition devices

Data Processing & Display

Data is acquired, extracted & can be processed using LUT, Polynomial, user defined expression or functions.

A number of display objects such as graphs, indicators, alphanumeric displays are available for the user to design the display.

Data Analysis

Provides facility to generates plots to do details analysis, supports various tools such as FFT, Auto-correlation, Filters etc. Also supports report generation in text format.

Full Datasheet: PARK UniDAPS

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