Telemetry Receivers

GDP-MD 4425

Digital RF Receiver – Dual Channel with Diversity


The Model 4426C Dual Channel RF Receiver with optional diversity combiner is provided in a 2U rack-mounted chassis. Each channel is completely independent and includes an integrated solution consisting of an RF Signal Processor, up to 3 Demodulators, 2 Bit Synchronizers and 2 Frame Synchronizers. This state-of-the art receiver provides a compact, cost competitive, flexible solution to a wide variety of communications link scenarios. The Model 4426C processes a variety of RF Bands: The standard unit supports S-band, 2150 MHz to 2550MHz and Lower L-Band, 1400 MHz to 1555 MHz. Additional, RF bands are optionally available including but not limited to UHF, P-Band, C-Band.

Product Details: GDP-MD 4425



2 Channels with optional Diversity




Dynamic Range: From threshold to –10 dBm


Noise Figure : < 10 dB (< 9 dB *)



RF Frequencies : 2150 MHz to 2550 MHz and 1400 MHz to 1550 MHz


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 19 Inch Rack mounted chassis22 inches deep

Weight: < 10Kg

Operating Temperature

0°C to 50°C Operational; -40°C to 85°C Storage


Power Supply

Voltage: 120/240 VAV

Power: 150 Wats

Full Datasheet: GDP-MD 4425


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