Video Time Inserters


4-Channel Video Time Inserter.


PARK GPS-VTI-04 is a GPS Video Time Inserter that provides insertion of a GPS synchronized time, position and other text messages into an Analog or Digital Video signals. The unit receives a video signal from video cameras or other video sources. The Time and other text messages are inserted into the video and the output video is generated with and time information from a selected time source. The time source can be Internal (if the unit is equipped with GNSS receiver) or External (an IRIG-200, NASA-36 or Network time). It superimposes the time information on the video information contained in the input video signal at the position defined in the unit configuration. The unit supports up to four independent video channels with which time display can be combined simultaneously and independently. The external time code can be in standard Actual Time of Day (ATD) format or modified IRIG-B Count Down Time (CDT) formats. The superimposed time also indicates whether it is ATD or CDT that is being used. In case of CDT, status of HOLD and UP/DOWN bits is also displayed along with time.

Product Details: PARK GPS-VTI-04



Up to 4 independent video channels



Support for multiple video formats


User configured text size, color and position



Support for Time, position, fixed text, status and alarm display


Physical Characteristics

Height 2U; Width 19 inch rack mountable; Depth:19 inch


Operating Temperature : 0 deg C to 55 deg C

Storage Temperature : -10 deg C to 70 deg C

Power Supply

100- 260V, 50/60Hz AC, or 20-36V DC



No. of Video inputs : 1 to 4

Supported Video Formats : Analog: PAL, NTSC, S-Video, and Component Video; Digital: HDM

Full Datasheet: PARK GPS-VTI-04

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